About the Carn Brea Mining Society (CBMS)

A currebt and ongoing project
Past project completed by CBMS

The Carn Brea Mining Society (CBMS) was formed in 1974 by a group of mining enthusiasts to encourage interest in all aspects of mining, geology and mineralogy. In those days historic mine site preservation was in its infancy. Now CBMS has over one hundred members many of whom take an active part in preservation and restoration. The Society has monthly indoor lectures together with some field trips.

In 1983 a committee member reported the poor state of a wooden lintel at Botallack. If it broke an iconic view would be changed for ever. Those present decided to act and this led to the fund raising arm of CBMS being formed in the following year as the Botallack Trust with full charitable status. The Trust took out a 21 year lease and over £40,000 was raised. Together with help from the Manpower Services Commission, CBMS managed the preservation of Botallack for everyone to enjoy today.

Plaques and memorials have also been placed by CBMS on Cargodna Shaft at Wheal Owles in West Cornwall and in the churchyard at St Newlyn East, not far from East Wheal Rose. CBMS helped carry out work relating to mine capping and the 25 engine house project. Members became involved with King Edward Mine in the form of the KEM Preservation Group started in 1987 as a year round Sunday morning working party. CBMS is the most active of the 3 groups that run KEM with assistance from Cornwall Council, the others being the Preservation Group and the Trevithick Society.

Currently CBMS has members restoring its own mine at Great Condurrow which was part of the Camborne School of Mines until it moved to Penryn. CBMS has a lease for Condurrow and it is carrying out restoration to keep another site active both above and below ground. CBMS in all its forms has become somewhere the general public has contacted for all kinds of help and information.


This old Sulzer 2 stroke diesel engine was manufactured in 1927 and was due to be scrapped. Luckily it was saved and reassembled at K.E.M. CBMS members helped with the overhaul. It was re-started in 2002, probably for the first time since 1973.