Miscellaneous Mining Matters

A currebt and ongoing project
Past project completed by CBMS

Talks and Walks of the Trevithick Society for 2016 printable program

A BBC report on a plan to recover tin washed into the sea from past mining operations.


A proposed new mining venture in Cornwall.


A wikipedia story of South Crofty Mine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Crofty

The story from 2007 to the present time, 2007 was the year Western United Mines was formed. Read from the bottom upwards.

Dec.2014 King Edward Mine Troon secures £1 million funding. http://www.westbriton.co.uk/King-Edward-secures-1million-funding/story-25473852-detail/story.html

Robert K Johns has written a new book ‘Battle Beneath The Trenches’. a story about a company of Cornish Miners which was formed in Hayle, Cornwall by a group of 221 Cornish Miners specifically selected by the Royal Engineers. These Cornishmen became the 251st Tunnelling Company RE, and after formation were posted with haste to the Western Front. It has received great reviews at Amazon and Pen & Sword, which is really pleasing not just for him, but in memory of all the soldiers who took part, his grandfather being one them.

It is available from Pen & Sword (ISBN 9781473827004) and Amazon or directly via paypal off his web-site www.robertkjohns.co.uk




The preserved 80inch pumping engine house on Prince of Wales Shaft at Phoenix United Mine on Caradon Hill in East Cornwall